DenteShield™ FAQ's

Q: How do DenteShield products differ from the competition?

A: In addition to a physical barrier, all SelenBio DenteShield products incorporate SELDOX® antimicrobial protection, which creates a biological barrier, killing any bacteria that may reach the tooth’s surface.


Q: Are DenteShield products FDA-approved?

A: Absolutely. DenteShield products have all received FDA 510(k) approval.


Q: Will DenteShield products alter tooth color?

A: DenteShield sealants are clear upon application and laboratory tests have shown no clinically visible discoloration or change in tooth shade as a result of using DenteShield products.


Q: Can DenteShield sealants and primers be used with my current orthodontic adhesive?

A: Yes. DenteShield Primer is designed and tested for use with currently available light cure orthodontic adhesives from other manufacturers. Additionally, an independent laboratory test concluded that DenteShield sealants and primers showed no significant effect on the shear bond strength of common orthodontic adhesives, and performed favorably compared to leading sealants and primers.


Q: I’m happy with my current bonding technique and adhesive, can I still offer DenteShield protection?

A: Yes. If you prefer not to use DenteShield Primer as a base layer prior to bonding, you may still seal the exposed tooth surface surrounding orthodontic brackets using either DenteShield Primer or DenteShield Enamel Surface Sealant.  This may be done at the time of the bonding or at any time during orthodontic treatment.


Q: Will DenteShield sealant and primer brush off over time?

A: DenteShield offers very favorable durability and retention. Results from a study simulating two full years of regular tooth-brushing showed only a thirty percent average loss of sealant over that time.


Q: Does SELDOX® alter the product’s taste?

A: No difference in taste has been reported between products containing SELDOX® and those without.


Q: How does the SELDOX® in DenteShield differ from fluoride?

A: Flouride is used in dental applications to help strengthen enamel to defend against erosion from bacteria-produced acid.  It can also help to remineralize lost or weakened enamel in a restorative manner.  DenteShield actually prevents bacteria and acid from reaching the tooth’s surface in the first place, eliminating erosion and loss of tooth enamel.  Fluoride may continue to be used together with SELDOX® for both preventive and restorative effects.


Q: How do I apply DenteShield sealant or primer? 

Q: Where can I find more information on trials and clinical studies?

Downloadable reports may be found here.