Oral bacteria, including S. mutans, T. denticola, and nearly 70 others, are the main culprits responsible for tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease.  When these bacteria colonize on a tooth surface they are often visible in the form of dental biofilm (plaque), and while proper brushing and flossing can help control bacteria, some areas of the mouth are harder to reach and protect.

Areas especially difficult to keep free of harmful bacteria, even in healthy mouths, include pits and fissures on molars, tooth surfaces under and along the gumline, and areas under or surrounding orthodontic brackets or other oral appliances. 

Certain people may be at higher risk for decay, inflammation, and oral diseases if they have inadequate oral hygiene practices, are limited in their ability to clean thoroughly and regularly, suffer from xerostomia (dry mouth), do not see their dentist routinely, have diets that are high in sugars and acids, or have a personal history of dental caries or periodontal disease.

To help protect the teeth and gums from harmful bacteria, SelenBio Dental has created the unique DenteShield™ line of sealants enhanced with SELDOX™ antimicrobial technology.

DenteShield creates a safe, invisible layer of protection on treated tooth surfaces, killing harmful bacteria on contact and helping to inhibit plaque formation.  Unlike antibiotic medications or alternative antimicrobials such as silver, SELDOX remains permanently bound to it's surface and does not leach or travel throughout the mouth or body.  Targeted bacteria protection exactly where you need it.

DenteShield has been clinically tested and cleared by the FDA, is used and trusted by dental professionals throughout the US, and is shown to significantly reduce the occurrence of:

  • biofilm (plaque) formation
  • caries (cavity) formation
  • demineralization and formation of white spot lesions
  • reoccurence of caries following treatment or fillings
  • decay of sealed teeth due to bacteria microleakage
  • gingival inflammation
  • periodontal (gum) disease

DenteShield™ is for professional use only.  Contact your dental professional for more information.