1. What is SELDOX™?

SELDOX™ is an antimicrobial selenium-based organic compound that inhibits bacterial growth, and when added to products it creates a biological barrier against plaque-causing bacteria.

2. Is selenium safe?

Selenium is a naturally occurring trace mineral required by many of the body’s functions. The amount of selenium used in SELDOX™ is minimal and non-toxic.

3. How does SELDOX™ differ from other antimicrobial compounds?

SELDOX™ is unique in that it forms a permanent, covalent bond to a substrate and does not leach into the surrounding environment. Because it does not leach, SELDOX™ retains its effectiveness over time, does not affect the surrounding environment, and kills bacteria only on contact.

4. How do I know if a product contains SELDOX™ protection?

Look for the SELDOX™ seal when choosing antimicrobial products.