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What is SELDOX® technology?


Non-toxic, non-leaching, easily polymerized or surface coated, and effective in very low concentration with microbial inhibition rates up to 99.999999%; SELDOX® is ideal for integration into products where prevention of bacteria and biofilm result in better performance or safer outcomes.

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A next-generation, enhanced line of FDA-approved dental sealants and bonding adhesives, DenteShield® utilizes SELDOX® technology to kill bacteria and inhibit plaque formation on treated surfaces.

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Adapted from our dental technology, GingiShield® is the first antibacterial tooth sealant of its kind designed to help fight periodontal disease in pets.  This protective enamel sealant features SELDOX® technology to significantly reduce the occurrence and effects of plaque and bacteria, leading contributors to periodontal disease, in animals.

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Biofilm formation on medical devices or in the healthcare environment is a leading contributor to healthcare-associated infections.  SelenBio is currently working with industry leaders to incorporate SELDOX® protection into products at heightened risk for the spread of bacteria.

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SelenBio Chemical, Inc. is a separate organization under license from SelenBio, Inc. to develop new antimicrobial surface treatments and coatings, such as paints, utilizing SELDOX® technology.

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