Selenium, Ltd. engineers natural antimicrobial coatings to enhance and differentiate your products.

Selenium, Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the prevention of bacterial biofilm formation using molecular coatings of redox active selenium for medical, dental, ophthalmic and industrial applications. Our SeLECT™ technology addresses the needs of many biomedical and industrial companies for an effective, low cost, and safe antibacterial or anticellular coating technology. SeLECT technology can also be used to improve many therapeutic drugs by improving efficacy using free radical generation. SeLECT technology is especially useful in combination with targeting molecules such as antibodies, peptides and aptamers.

Selenium Ltd.'s proprietary chemistry is a green technology. The technology is able to inhibit bacterial biofilm colonization and formation on surfaces through covalently linked, safe catalytic reaction that do not leach into the surrounding environment.

Medical Device
For biocidal surface coating agents, Selenium-coated surfaces act as an impenetrable barrier to microbes and other cellular growths.   read more
Industrial Coatings
For industrial applications, Selenium has unique benefits over existing technologies: Selenium can be covalently attached to a surface.   read more
Therapeutic Drug Arming
Selenium compounds may be used as an arming agent for antibodies, peptides, small molecules, and nucleotides.  read more

Featured Application

Bandages: Seldox™ vs. Silver Product Comparison   learn more

Latest News:
Selenium, Ltd. Awarded $500,000 SBIR Grant for Biofouling Prevention Technology

This grant supports the company's goal to work with industry to develop a safe and cost effective antimicrobial product that will directly address the current and growing need for potable water.

April 2, 2013 — The National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to biopharmaceutical company Selenium, Ltd. to advance the company's effort to develop a market ready, antimicrobial spacer to be used in reverse osmosis (RO) membrane modules in water filtration systems. Selenium's organo-selenium compounds have been successfully incorporated directly into RO spacers creating a market disrupting, low cost, "green" antimicrobial solution. Learn more

About Us

From its founding Selenium, Ltd. has been a company focused on innovation in green antimicrobial coatings and therapeutic technology product development.

Our platform technology is ideally suited to collaborative partnerships and strategic R&D. We are market-driven and develop new applications to address challenges in existing market needs as well as provide our partners with novel solutions for competitive advantage.

We are proud to provide the most advantageous applications for current as well as new product offerings in the marketplace – applications that are safer, more effective and less expensive. Our mission is to utilize SeLECT technology to make our customers more competitive in world markets.