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Engineering natural antimicrobial solutions

Selenium, Ltd. is a technology company specializing in the prevention of bacterial biofilm formation using molecular additives of redox active selenium for medical, dental, ophthalmic and industrial applications. Our Seldox™ technology addresses the needs of many biomedical and industrial companies for an effective, low cost, and safe antibiofilm coated or integrated technology.

Selenium Ltd.'s proprietary technology is able to inhibit bacterial biofilm formation and attachment on surfaces through a covalently linked, catalytic, and safe compound that does not leach into the surrounding environment. These properties allow for protection against biofilm for the duration of the useful life of the substrate.

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Medical Devices

Seldox compounds can protect surfaces by acting as an impenetrable barrier to microbes and other cellular growths.

Industrial applications

For industrial applications, Selenium has unique benefits over existing technologies: Selenium can be covalently attached to a surface.

Therapeutic Drug Arming

Selenium compounds may be used as an arming agent for antibodies, peptides, small molecules, and nucleotides.

Selenium has an extensive intellectual property portfolio including foreign and U.S. Patents.

About Our Anti-Biofilm Technology

Based on redox chemistry, Seldox compounds create a flux of superoxide radicals. These superoxide radicals can affect biofilm growth by altering protein folding needed to initiate a biofilm, inhibiting needed respiratory and metabolic functions, causing minor membrane lesions, and even leading to the development of longer lasting radicals. This process mimics the body's own defense against bacteria. White blood cells, leukocytes, can produce superoxide radicals in order to destroy bacteria during phagocytosis.

Seldox compounds enable focused inhibition while not harming bystander cells. The half-life of the superoxide radicals limits the effective zone to approximately 350 angstroms. This short active range makes the technology ideal for the prevention of biofilm formation. In addition, natural mammalian cell defenses to oxidative stress are sufficient to deal with dilute superoxide concentrations, making it safe for medical applications.


Industry Validation and National Recognition

"Selenium received a $140,000 Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant for research and development of antimicrobial dental water lines."

"Selenium, Ltd. received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) two-year $912,943 grant to develop antimicrobial dental devices and water lines."

"Selenium recieved a $500,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for research and development of antimicrobial reverse osmosis spacers."


Meet The Team


Kris Looney

President of Emergent
(Statutory manager of Selenium)

As President of Emergent, Kris is responsible for conceiving and executing key Selenium business initiatives; developing strategic plans; and managing business processes including accounting, marketing, intellectual property, and business development. 

Blake Harlan

Managing Director of Emergent
(President of Selenium)

Blake Harlan is a Managing Director for Emergent Technologies where he oversees day to day business operations for Selenium Ltd. In addition to his operational function, Blake also works on the deployment of commercialization strategies using Emergent's unique partnering model.

JC Rodriguez

Business Development Associate at Emergent (Selenium)

JC Rodriguez is a Business Development Associate at Emergent Technologies where he focuses on the implementation and deployment of company initiatives for Selenium Ltd. JC started as a business development engineer for Selenium Ltd where he conducted plastic extrusion and microbiology experiments.

Ted Reid, Ph.D.

Co-Chief Scientist

Dr. Reid is a founding scientist of Selenium, Ltd. He is also a Professor at Texas Tech University in the departments of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Microbiology and Immunology. He is a member of the BioTechnology Institute and Honors College at Texas Tech.

Julian Spallholz, Ph.D.

Co-Chief Scientist

Dr. Julian Spallholz is a founding scientist of Selenium, Ltd. and also a Professor of Nutrition and Biochemistry at Texas Tech University. He is a member of the Biotechnology Institute at Texas Tech. He was previously a Research Chemist with the Veteran's Administration, Long Beach, California and Associate Research Professor of Chemistry at the State University of New York at Albany.

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